Old, but too old to realize it

Sometime in the past five years, when I wasn’t looking, I became old.

I started noticing it last year, when I returned to full-time work after several years of freelancing. Maybe it was the fact that most of my colleagues were a good decade younger than my 38-year-old self.

Or maybe it was that I had turned into the quintessential mom: the kind who, if she had an adult son, would call him up—at work—to ask how to program the DVR because “your dad is out of town and forgot to record ‘The Closer’ even though I asked him to do it before he left. It’s just like your Dad. I ask him to do one thing!”

It seems technology has left me behind. I’ve run to our office IT guy in a panic before, to relay: “Microsoft Word suddenly froze on me.”

He patiently asked, “Have you tried force-quitting out of it and rebooting the program?”

“Oh. No. Should I do that?”


“Oh. OK. …How do I force-quit out of Microsoft Word?”

The signs of aging continue to mount. Four months ago, I found a gray hair in my eyebrow. My left knee makes a snapping noise every time I do squats. I can’t seem to sleep through the night anymore without having to get up to go pee.

I have never been the kind of person to obsess about aging. But suddenly, all these signs of my fading youth are converging and I’m—

Sorry, scrap that.

I was going to wax philosophic about how these apparent signs of aging are making me face my mortality and realize how I need to start making my mark upon this world. But then I discovered that I had somehow unknowingly signed up for a Google+ account. I’ve apparently been a Google+ member since July. It seems I have a circle and everything. I’ve even managed to—again unknowingly—post stuff on Google+.

And now it’s obvious that what’s bothering me is not my limited remaining time on this Earth. No. What’s really bothering me is that I am fucking old. And a moron to boot.


3 thoughts on “Old, but too old to realize it

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  2. My boyfriend and I noticed it a few weeks ago at Six Flags. He is 39 and I am 35. We did a few coasters and just couldn’t handle them anymore. There were lots of comments about how our backs hurt and feeling nauseated. We left after a handful of rides. We also couldn’t quite manage to stay up all night on our last trip to Vegas. When did the old creep up on us???

    • I know exactly what you mean! A couple of years ago, I became the designated roller-coaster companion for my son, because neither my husband nor my daughter likes them. And then I found out that I could no longer handle them! Even after taking dramamine, I threw up after going on a roller coaster. It’s depressing, isn’t it?

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