In 2013, resolving to be more

On our drive home from Christmas, I asked Ted whether he had settled on any New Year’s resolutions. My husband contemplated the road for a second, then concluded, “You know, the usual: Don’t be too fat, too lazy, too crabby with the kids… ”

Image from "Calvin & Hobbes" via

Image from “Calvin & Hobbes” via

I hadn’t had much of a chance to think about my own resolutions, either, but his answer neatly summed up my usual goals. I tend to couch my resolutions in the language of “more,” however: Lose more weight, be more active, get more done around the house, exercise more patience with the kids, be more available for the kids, be more accepting of others, be more thankful for what I have…

One could easily psychoanalyze why I frame my New Year’s resolutions in this manner. Perhaps I urge myself to be more because deep down I fear that who I am is not enough?

Whatever the case, resolutions are ultimately about trying to be better people. Life gives me countless opportunities to get buried in my own selfishness and worries. But that new year—ah, that’s my chance to make a fresh start. That’s the reminder I sorely need that it’s never too late to keep striving to be a better person.

So as my husband works on not being too, I ring in 2013 thinking about how I can be more—and hoping I will remember that resolve as January 1 fades into January 2, then January 3 and on into the rest of the year.

What are your resolutions for 2013?


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