This time, taking the long road

Image courtesy of o5com via Flickr

Image courtesy of o5com via Flickr

Well, that didn’t take long, did it?

And no, I don’t mean my blogging, though I realize going more than a month between posts doesn’t inspire much confidence that I’ll have a whole lot of follow-through on that, either.

I’m talking about fasting. Shortly after my boastful post about how I’d been following the Fast Diet for something like three weeks, my interest in denying myself food, even just twice a week, began to wane. Suddenly, my devoted practice of fasting fell to just once a week, and then once every two weeks and then…

Hmm. It sort of sounds like my blogging schedule, doesn’t it?

Psychology books say that if you want to go after a difficult-to-achieve goal, one of the most effective ways to attain it is to tell others. Apparently the more you advertise that you’re going to do something, the more likely you’ll follow through on it. It’s human nature to not want to embarrass yourself by falling short so publicly.

Despite being raised to be hyper-concerned about what others think of me (it’s a Japanese thing), my psyche is apparently perfectly at ease with being a public failure.

But maybe, possibly, the fasting didn’t last because I’m a believer of moderation. I mean, mostly I believe in practicing moderation because it takes far less effort than going the whole hog on stuff, but whatever. Limiting my caloric intake to 500 calories a day, even just twice a week, does seem a tad extreme, doesn’t it?

So last week I started down a route that seemed like a happy medium between fasting and overeating. I tried what I privately dubbed “pseudo-fasting,” where I ate little during the day—a Greek yogurt and maybe an apple or some carrots—but a regular dinner at night. I felt like I was still exercising some discipline, while being able to go to bed with my stomach feeling satisfied.

And, what do you know? My pseudo-fasting had a definitive effect on the bathroom scale!

Yes. After an initial loss of a mere two pounds at the beginning of the week, I successfully proceeded to gain 1 pound every single following day.



3 thoughts on “This time, taking the long road

  1. I feel your pain. The bathroom scale is the bane of my existence.
    Glad to have you and your posts back!

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