This time, taking the long road

Image courtesy of o5com via Flickr

Image courtesy of o5com via Flickr

Well, that didn’t take long, did it?

And no, I don’t mean my blogging, though I realize going more than a month between posts doesn’t inspire much confidence that I’ll have a whole lot of follow-through on that, either.

I’m talking about fasting. Shortly after my boastful post about how I’d been following the Fast Diet for something like three weeks, my interest in denying myself food, even just twice a week, began to wane. Suddenly, my devoted practice of fasting fell to just once a week, and then once every two weeks and then…

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Yet another example of First World idiocy

I told my brother that I fasted yesterday—or, more accurately, that I severely limited my eating to about 500 calories’ worth of food.

Image courtesy of Jean Fortunet via Wikimedia Commons

Image courtesy of Jean Fortunet via Wikimedia Commons

His response: “Why, were you sick? You couldn’t keep anything down?”

Which might demonstrate how much food means to my family. Or maybe it demonstrates how familiar my brother is with how much food means to me…

In point of fact, I was not sick yesterday. I actually did not eat on purpose.

That’s right. I chose to not eat. (Technically it’s more accurate to say, “I chose to eat only 500 calories,” but that doesn’t sound nearly as dramatic as “I chose to not eat.”)

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In 2013, resolving to be more

On our drive home from Christmas, I asked Ted whether he had settled on any New Year’s resolutions. My husband contemplated the road for a second, then concluded, “You know, the usual: Don’t be too fat, too lazy, too crabby with the kids… ”

Image from "Calvin & Hobbes" via

Image from “Calvin & Hobbes” via

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